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L’Appel de Paris (the Paris Pledge for Action) is now closed to further signatories.

The pledge represented a unique opportunity for non-Party stakeholders to welcome the Paris Agreement on climate change.

The pledge demonstrates that non-Party stakeholders are ready to play their part to support the objectives of the Paris Agreement. By joining the pledge, businesses, cities, civil society groups, investors, regions, trade unions and other signatories promised to ensure that the ambition set out by the Paris Agreement is met or exceeded to limit global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees Celsius.

Read the letter from Christiana Figueres and Ségolène Royal thanking those who joined the pledge for their support.

Non-Party stakeholders leadership on climate change issues is a clear indication of the commitment to ensuring the world stays on the 2 degree trajectory.  Securing a global agreement in Paris marked a significant milestone towards achieving this. However, it is only with non-Party stakeholders involvement that we can send a credible, coherent and unmistakable signal that the agreement will be implemented and commitments met, or even better, exceeded.

Minister Fabius, the COP21 President, called for non-Party stakeholders to show their support for climate action by joining the Paris Pledge for Action.  Participation sends a signal that all actors – Party and non-Party – are moving in the right direction in 2015 and beyond. The Paris Pledge for Action is not meant to replicate the good work already underway by the business, investment and local government communities to address climate change. Rather, it is intended to provide a political signal that demonstrates the breadth of support and scale of momentum for a transition to a low-emission and climate resilient economy.

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The Paris Pledge for Action website and pledge process is managed by The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. The Institute has a network of over 7,000 leaders for sustainability and provides the secretariat for The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group which itself has a distinguished history of influential Climate Communiqués from business leaders to policy makers.